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Sunrise, Sun-get

What happens when an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man won’t give his wife a get, a religious divorce? Sometimes, the woman’s family hires thugs to track the man to South America and make him an offer he can’t refuse. In this segment of This American Life, Mark gets the story.



This popular podcast, hosted by Mark and produced by Tablet magazine in conjunction with Slate’s family of podcasts, brings the news of the Jews to an audience of Jews and other humans. Every week, Mark and his two co-hosts talk about the Jewish news from Tel Aviv to Teluride, with a special emphasis on the self-mocking and the absurd. They interview a Jew of the week—and a Gentile of the week. A monster hit among young Jews, from the religiously devout to the “I’m just a cultural Jew” crowd, Unorthodox has traveled the country, doing live shows in Palo Alto, New York, North Carolina, and beyond.

Same sex marriage

David Blankenhorn and the Battle Over Same-sex Marriage

You might remember David Blankenhorn as the main witness for the traditional-marriage camp in the famous Prop 8 trial in California. But just a few years later, Blankenhorn reversed his position, shocking the country by coming out for same-sex marriage rights. In this original radio documentary, Mark takes listeners through Blankenhorn’s journey, drawing on exclusive interviews. 

Interfaith voices

Interfaith Voices: Anne Rice

The highly regarded Interfaith Voices public-radio program invited Mark to host a special segment about horror author Anne Rice, who has traveled from atheism to Roman Catholicism and back again.